1. Organizer of the Conference on behalf of Institute of Sociology (University of Warsaw, Karowa 18, 00-314 Warsaw) is Mariusz Finkielsztein.

  2. Conference has its own website:

  3. Provisions of this Rules are integral part of the registration and apply to all participants.

  4. Sending Registration Form is equipollent to acceptation of this Rules.

  5. Participants of the Conference are natural person with status of doctoral student, researcher or university staff.


  1. Conditions of active participation in the Conference included:

  2. sending the Registration Form provided at by the date given by Organizer.

  3. receiving confirmation of acceptance from Organizer.

  4. paying the conference fee by the date and bank account given by Organizer.

  5. participating physically in the conference panels and discussions, including giving a presentation (presenting by internet, e.g. via skype, is not allowed).

  6. putting the signature on the list of participants.

  7. Organizer shall send information about abstract acceptance via e-mail by given date.

  8. Organizer shall not send confirmation of receiving Registration Form. If any answer would not be received up to given date, this fact should be perform to Organizer.

  9. Organizer has the right to refuse registration informing about its reasons.

  10. Ultimate registration and immatriculation to the Conference programme come just after conference fee payment.


  1. Passive participation is free of charge and don’t need registration.

  2. Passive participant has right to listen to presentations, take part in discussions and coffee breaks.

  3. Every listener may obtain the certificate of passive attendance after notifying such need to Organizer. Certificates may be collected at the registration point or at the session hall at the day of the Conference.


  1. Every participant has a right to resign from attendance at the Conference that is needed to be notify to Organizer as soon as possible after occurring the cause of resignation.

  2. Absent participant may send text of his/her presentation as file due to exposition of the paper version of the presentation. However, it would not be acknowledged as an active participation.

  3. Lack of physical attendance at the Conference caused with obtaining no certificate of participation and crossing out of the programme.

05. FEES

  1. Conference fee should be paid by given date via bank remittance to bank account given by Organizer.

  2. For the deadline for payments is meant the day of giving the transfer order.

  3. There are two possible deadlines for fee payment: early birds and late deadline which are distinctive by fee cost.

  4. It should be sent to the Organizer the bank confirmation of payment or another document including:

    • date of the transfer,

    • amount of funds sent,

    • number of bank account which funds was sent from, and

    • title of the transfer.

  5. The title of the transfer should include name and surname of the participant and keyword ‘BOREDOM’ to identification of the payment by financial unit.

  6. Funds can be transfer by subject or natural person different than participant.

  7. The Conference fee includes:

    • technical suport,

    • coffee breaks and lunches,

    • conference kit.

  8. Invoice for the conference fee is issued at the request of the participant and provided with the conference kit at the conference. In the case of the absence on the conference the invoice can be sent to the address indicated by the participant.

  1. The conference fee is not refundable. Participants who have paid the registration fee and did not participate in the conference:

    • have the right to receive the conference kit after entering the address of the consignment;

    • can get a discount up to 50% on the conference fee in the coming years.

10. If one presentation is prepared by more than one participant, the conference fee should be paid by those who physically will participate in the conference (only those persons will also receive a certificate of active participation)


  1. If participant want to use multimedia presentation, it should be sent to Organizer at least 2 days before the date of the presentation.

  2. Conference presentations will be recorded on video. Participant have a right not to agree to be recorded. It should be notify to Organizer. Lack of such disagreement is meant to acceptance for recording.

  1. Recording after technical treatement will be transfer to participants for approval

  2. If participant would not approve recording participant received it for personal usage.

  3. Acceptance of the recording is equal to the participant’s consent to the publication of record at the conference site or at the conference channel on .


  1. Each person who pays the conference fee has a right to send article for conference publication.

  2. The form of publication depends on amount and quality of collected texts.

  3. The organizer reserves the right to delay publication process in order to gather more articles.


  1. The organizer  determine the programme of the conference and has the right to change it, even on the conference day, including changes in time schedule and sequence of presentations.